Curated by artists for artists in order to trashform the international void of possibleness –, this deep, technotic oddyssee delivers the perfect soundtrack for a ⌨ ʁ ʌ и ∆ Ξ ʍ weekend. Since 2016, we party on strong to undermine and question common standards and currents within our club „culture“. ʁ ʌ и ∆ Ξ ʍ stands for a positivistic way of dealing with collective reality shifts. We, humanity, are being put in touch with each other, and thanks to moments of elevation and empathy, we manage to come forward and move onto the next level. Dark sounds and dirty truths included. It has already happened, it will happen again, and it will get better every time you do it. Dont tell them that we told you.... BUT.... we ʁ ʌ и ∆ Ξ ʍ i z e d….