Daydreaming wetness....
Don't be afraid of love again. Deeply and absolutely.
Don't be afraid to reinvent who you are and what you want.
Don't be afraid of owning your mistakes.
Don't be afraid to fly, dream, cry, fall, and rebirth again and again and again.


Be afraid of living in someone's else life. 
Be afraid to stop building your future with both hands, feet, blood, and sweat altogether.
Be afraid of no loving anyone. 
Be afraid of losing it without even walking in..
Be BRAVE, be you, and love it all.

Sanchez-Ruiz is a fierce performer and a bold choreographer and improviser. Her work is rooted in experimental research, site-specific and whole evenings Multidisciplinary pieces.  She reinvents the rules of creation and presentation in contemporary dance, focusing on creating unity and acceptance through her Art. JSR‘s work pushes the boundaries of physicality and digs into a human complex potential altogether. Her most important works are ”And they forgot to Love,” “Micro revolution,” and “Encaje.”





All photos by David Beedroft