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Distance is an illusion. I almost believed in Saturn cuddling Jupiter few nights ago. From my sad planet it seemed so, but between them an infinite distance and still no tension. No doubt about the fact that they will stay neighbours, will never be lovers. They will endlessly pass by, pretending to ignore each other. Despite their routine, their life, their parallel path is still balancing the curse of the universe as if they will always need each other. Until not long ago I was sure that everything that seemed far, was few hours flight from me. I thought that the spread away lovers were meant to be a unity. It was easy to think that way when Spain and Greece were almost two regions of Germany. Then all of a second, crossing boundaries became harder than I never thought it would be. So I stayed, observing the lovers passing by each other. Ignoring that the distance between them was distorting until they would become neighbours. Their life so close, started to have nothing in common. They had taken parallel path without realising they wouldn’t touch each other. Did they ever met? I guess they never knew the other.